Socrates Gadfly

About Socrates Gadfly

The term “Gadfly” was used by Plato in the Apology to describe Socrates’ acting as an uncomfortable goad to the Athenian political scene, like a spur or biting fly arousing a sluggish horse.

Living on the blockchain seeking to accelerate the transition to Crypto Technologies & Web3 for a brighter tomorrow, “Socrates Gadfly” is a collection of 3333 algorithmically-generated “Gadflies” NFTs.

Some are rarer than others, with a few that are legendary. No two Gadflies are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the blockchain. Every single trait is hand drawn by our talented creative team.

"The unexamined life is not worth living"



Our core values guides everything we do


We are a community of individuals who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, challenge the status quo, and communicate boldly. We’re making an impact on web3 culture. We are Gadflies!


Everything starts and ends with the community. The moment we prioritize something other than the community will be the beginning of the end. We won’t let that happen, because we’ll always have community as the #1 value of Socrates Gadfly.


Good things take time. Decentralized movements can’t turn corners as quickly as centralized movements, and that’s both a blessing and a curse. Decentralized doesn’t mean there can’t be leaders. The core team will provide guard rails and resources for all beans to grow together, but it won’t happen overnight.


Waitlisting August 03, 2022

Get on the waitlist now! The first 333 will get 1 FREE for every 1 you mint. Every waitlisted address can mint upto 10 SGF. That means you can mint up to 20 SGF in total for the price of 10.

Pre-Sale August 13, 2022

Don't miss out on the pre-sale! The first 333 waitlisted accounts will receive a FREE SGF for every SGF they mint.
Also, the first 100 wallets that mint during the pre-sale will receive 1 FREE Socrates Gadfly NFT.

Public Sale August 20, 2022

Public sale starts. No waitlist needed. Mint away!

Community & Connection 25%

Enable our DAO system that will allow holders of the project to have voting power on all major decisions coming to the project via snapshot.

Merch Store 50%

Official merch store will be released to all current hodlers with access to high quality merch related to Socrates Gadfly brand and 10 random holders get $100 to spend.

Community & Charity 75%

Activate and fund the community and charity wallet. (DAO system will be used to decide upon which charities will be considered) & First IRL Meet Up..


The Metaverse action begins! DAO voting starts construction of Utopia in the Metaverse. (buying land on DAO desired platform). Holders will begin to receive $SGF Token for amount of hodling time. Metaverse is launched and constitution of Utopia curated in a Metaverse Meet Up.

The Next Generation : Socrates Gadfly 3D release

Meet The Team

Program Manager


Program Manager



Creative Director



Marketing Director